NSN Pre-Conference and Concert

Featured At This Summer’s
National Storytelling Network Conference 2016
Kansas City, Missouri

The HSA Concert – Wednesday, July 20 at 7:30 p.m.

Featuring Emily Lansana, Michael McCarty, Susan O’Halloran, Lilli Pang, Lani Peterson …and even more storytellers who will share stories for social justice and the empowerment of disenfranchised voices.


HSA Pre-Conference – Thursday, July 21 from 8:30-12:00 noon

Story X Change: Crucial Storytelling Exchanges for Social Change

Lani Peterson-1Psychologist/storyteller Lani Peterson facilitates storytelling training with people whose lives have been impacted by homelessness, poverty, racism, violence, sexual preference, and/or incarceration. Lani connects these storytellers, whose voices might otherwise go unheard, with other community of different backgrounds. They explore, through mutual storytelling, the history, context and impact of the stories they carry about themselves and one another. As stereotypes are challenged, participants evolve larger stories that can better encompass the complexity of differing experiences, culture and community. This highly interactive session will introduce Story X Change theory and provide hands on training with practical applications.

April 1 speakers


Concert – $10

Pre-conference – Early registration deadline – May 12

Early registration: members & students – $50, nonmembers – $75
(admission and membership to HSA)

Later registration: members & students – $65 , nonmembers – $90
(admission and membership to HSA)

For more information, contact: allison@dancingleaves.com

See the National Storytelling Network to purchase tickets and to learn more about the NSN Storytelling Conference