NSN Pre-Conference and Concert

HSA Concert and Pre-conference
at National Storytelling Conference
Kansas City, Missouri


HSA Concert – Wednesday, June 28, 7:30 PM

$10 Admission
Featuring Noa Baum, Jasmin Cardenas, Cheryl Cofield, Elizabeth Ellis, Jim May, Celine O’Malley and storytellers from Kansas City, sharing stories of social justice and empowerment.

HSA Pre-Conference – Thursday, June 29 – 8:30 a.m.–Noon

Registration: students – $25, members – $40, nonmembers – $50

Share Your Story, Change Your Life
Our Kansas City team (educators/social workers/storytellers) spent the last year putting into practice the Story XChange model presented by Lani Peterson at the 2016 HSA Pre-conference. Lani described working with community members to challenge stereotypes by sharing their stories of feeling marginalized by perceived differences. Learn how this model was implemented this year, hear about their challenges and successes, and listen to the potent stories created in these workshops.

Jami Mayo

Attendees will participate in workshop exercises and have time to discuss the insights  gleaned by Jamie Mayo, Joyce Slater, Andrea Ellis, Tracy Vacca, Carol Webster, and Nikki McCann. These community leaders will share their lively and engaging work with a variety of groups for evolving larger stories that encompass the complexity of differing experiences, cultures, and communities. Handouts provided.  Scholarships available – for more info contact Gemma Benton.


See the National Storytelling Network to purchase tickets and to learn more about the NSN Storytelling Conference