Upcoming Teleconference

Upcoming Teleconferences

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March 22, 2017

Sara Armstrong
Dilemma Stories Help Teach Social Justice

Dilemma Stories – stories in which there are several options, all of which have some appeal–stimulate conversations about different perspectives and open up ideas different from our own. Dilemma Stories can be included in discussions about empathy, citizenship, literature, social studies topics, indeed, any situation in which communication and understanding are valued.

Sara will share some of the work of Charles Temple on dilemma stories for democracy, and Maria Asp’s and Jack Zipe’s work in having students immerse themselves in perspectives in stories. She will offer stories and activities for engaging audiences in considering the dilemmas posed. The HSA audience will also be encouraged to share their ideas.

Sara Armstrong, Ph.D., is celebrating her 44th year as an educator! She brought storytelling into her elementary school classroom in the 80’s and has included stories in her workshops with teachers since then. She is intrigued with expanding conversations among people by sharing stories with no particular right answer, and lots of perspectives. She is on the Board of the Ho’ala Foundation for Education, which shares its Awakening Wisdom curriculum that supports responsibility, responsiveness, respect, and resourcefulness among students, teachers parents, and community. Sara is the co-author of The Invent to Learn Guide to 3D Printing in the Classroom: Recipes for Success www.sgaconsulting.org, saarmst@telis.org

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