Upcoming Teleconference

Upcoming Teleconferences

Teleconferences Are Free – although your usual long distance costs apply, there is no other charge. A collection of past Teleconferences is available here. Please review this important resource!For more information, e-mail Allison Cox or call (206) 463-3844. Both members and non-members of the Healing Story Alliance are welcome to listen. We hope that these informative evenings will encourage and inspire more people to join HSA and the exciting work we are doing. We welcome donations! See donation button at the bottom of our home page. The Healing Storytelling Alliance is a special interest group of the National Storytelling Network. Our purpose is to explore and promote the use of storytelling in healing, by storytellers, health care, counseling and pastoral care professionals and all who recognize the positive power of story in health. Through the HSA, we will share our experience and our skills and collaborate to learn to be more effective in using stories to inform, inspire, nurture and heal.

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The Teleconferences lasts one hour and offer a combination of presentation, discussion and Q&A.

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September 21, 2016
Joan Stockbridge

stockbridgeTips, Tools, and Stories: Highlights from 15 years of Healing Story Work

In this teleconference, we’ll do a virtual mini- healing story session. I facilitate these sessions regularly in residential drug treatment programs, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and beyond. My primary focus in the groups is to foster resilience, self worth, courage, forgiveness, strength, perseverance and other positive qualities. This approach to healing story is applicable in many environments. I’ll describe some of my challenges and rewards. I’ll also have handouts available with outlines of tried and true healing story sessions.  My hope is that the teleconference will be inspirational and will empower you to look for opportunities to bring healing story to your own situations and environments.

Joan Stockbridge is a storyteller, writer and spiritual director. She received an Oracle Award from the National Storytelling Network in 2016 for service and leadership in the Pacific Region and a Brimstone Award in 2005 to develop a healing story curriculum for women in transition. For more information see www.joanstockbridge.com.