Upcoming Teleconference

Upcoming Teleconferences

Teleconferences Are Free – although your usual long distance costs apply, there is no other charge. A collection of past Teleconferences is available here. Please review this important resource! Both members and non-members of the Healing Story Alliance are welcome to listen. We hope that these informative evenings will encourage and inspire more people to join HSA and the exciting work we are doing. We welcome donations! See donation button at the bottom of our home page. The Healing Storytelling Alliance is a special interest group of the National Storytelling Network. Our purpose is to explore and promote the use of storytelling in healing, by storytellers, health care, counseling and pastoral care professionals and all who recognize the positive power of story in health. Through the HSA, we will share our experience and our skills and collaborate to learn to be more effective in using stories to inform, inspire, nurture and heal.

Membership is $25 per year for NSN members, $35 for non-NSN Members. Click here for more information on HSA.

All calls scheduled at U.S. time

The Teleconferences lasts one hour and offer a combination of presentation, discussion and Q&A.

To join in the call in the United States* – Dial  Call in Number: (605) 475-4749

And after dialing, when prompted, all countries then dial in the Participant Access Code: 640709#

*For international calls, please contact  Elisa Pearmain for the call-in number.

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June 14

Due to a time conversion and phone line snafus, we were only able to have a half of a teleconference with Jenni last month. What we did hear was a thought provoking session! Even if you did not miss this discussion in April, tune in again on June 14th as Jenni Cargill-Strong of Australia continues to talk of ways to deepen ones sense of place and other deep ecology principles.

Jenni Cargill-Strong
From Stories of Place to Rewilding our Consciousness

The Conversation Continues!
Jenni will touch on the breadth of stories relevant to environmental education and empowerment noting that not all are about nature or environmental issues. Jenni draws inspiration from Deep Ecologist, Joanna Macy. She will share a few traditional and original tales she has told at rallies and protests. She will share more of her experience working with stories and outdoor  labyrinths, an ancient form of walking meditation distinct from mazes, and a powerful connection to place, especially when they are created intentionally, outdoors.

Jenni Cargill-Strong participated in the Bentley blockade, where protestors renamed themselves the “protectors”  who won a landmark battle against unconventional gas mining in 2014. Jenni has been mentored by environmental storyteller and scientist, Dr Fran Stallings (who presented principles of her work on a teleconference on April 7, 2015) which empowered her to create her own environmental storytelling workshops. She has a particular interest in stories of place and stories that reconnect. Recently Jenni has added a second great passion to her life, after stories: labyrinths. Jenni trained in labyrinth building and facilitation in Sydney this year with the founder of Veriditas, Dr Artres and subsequently has had a profound experience working with a story within the labyrinth. Jenni also has begun training in “Joyality”™, an Australian course which draws on ecopsychology and deep ecology.

Web: www.storytree.com.au or www.storiesonfoot.com
You Tube: jennistorytree/videos

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September 27, 2017

Onawumi Jean Moss

If you are unable to be on the scheduled calls, go to healingstory.org/events/teleconference-recordings/ to listen to the recorded events, posted within a month of the original event.