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Silk and Honey: Enchanting Stories of Love and Wealth
with Luisah Teish

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Join us as author, storyteller and healer Luisah Teish shares with us folktales drawn from the romantic traditions of the African diaspora. Explore deities, ancestors, and spirits of nature as they interact with each other thru story and song to bring us the powers of attraction, fertility, abundance, and beauty.

Yeye Luisah Teish is a teacher, dancer, storyteller and high priestess. She is also an author, most notably of Jambalaya: The Natural Womans Book of Personal Charms and Practice Rituals. Born in New Orleans, Louisana, her father was an African Methodist Episcopal and her mother was a Catholic of Haitian, French and Choctaw heritage. Yeye Teish is an Iyanifa and Oshun chief in Yoruba tradition. Yeye Teish is one of the most well known Yoruba priestesses worldwide and is celebrated international in Goddess circles as a writer and ritual maker. She quite literally is a legendary woman of great character and exceeding positive impact for this generation and all time.
To learn more about Yeye Teish visit https://www.yeyeluisahteish.com


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Upcoming Teleconferences

 February 14th Luisah Teish – Silk and Honey: Enchanting Stories of Love and Wealth

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