Healing the Earth

Healing the Earth

seaturtleWe are featuring stories contributed by storytellers working in environmental settings or on educational projects with an environmental theme. We are focusing on uplifting stories which empower and encourage listeners to honor the environment and take action.

Please keep in mind the ethics of sharing these generous story offerings since not all version of folktales are in the public domain. Storytellers put a great deal of skill and effort into reshaping an ancestral tale for a modern audience. The oral, in-person use of these stories is without restriction for informal or for environmentally healing events. However, we ask that you acknowledge the particular storyteller/writer, and if there is a cultural origin that it you also honor it by accurately mentioning that also. Personal stories are offered here to inspire others to share their own personal experiences of the natural world.

These stories are not to be recorded or reused for any commercial purpose without specific permission from the author. In this way, we not only honor the timeless tradition of sharing stories, but also the timeless tradition of honoring the soul work that brings each version to life.

Questions? Please contact Jenni Cargill-Strong or Fran Stallings via the HSA contact form.


Spirit of Trees, a resource for therapists, educators, environmentalists, storytellers and tree lovers! You will find here an abundance of resources, in particular a varied collection of multicultural folktales and myths. http://spiritoftrees.org/

Fran Stallings Environmentor Columns: http://www.franstallings.com/Environmentor/

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