Diving in the Moon Journal-2013


Welcome to the first online issue of the Healing Story Alliance Journal!

The 2013 issue is dedicated to the theme of Listening



Arriving in a Workshop Story
Reginald Dorian Haarhoff, D Phil

Michael Williams

Answering the Call to Adventure: A Hero’s Journey Group for People Facing Life-Changing Illness and Disability
Jennifer Lunden, LCSW, LADC, CCS

Story Listening as a Transformative Process
Doug Lipman


Photo by Lani Peterson 2013

Photo by Lani Peterson 2013

At Crescent Lake
Kimberley King

Listening To the Fool: Breakthroughs In Understanding
Andrei Armeanu

Shelley The Sea Turtle Meets Rustle The Plastic Bag: An Australian Environmental Story For Children
Jenni Cargill-Strong


Zoya Erem 2011

Zoya Erem 2011

Healing, Change and Storytelling
Steve Banhegyi

Life Participation through Storytelling: How People with Aphasia Come Alive with Stories
Mary Louise Chown, BA, BEd, BFA


"Man Walking Through Trees Uphill in Fog" by Melani Marx

“Man Walking Through Trees Uphill in Fog” by Melani Marx

Courageous Conversations: Stories That Foster Self-Awareness, Build Skills and Cultivate Confidence
David Lee

Offering Water From The Well
Joan Stockbridge

Where Stories Draw Breath
Thomas Doty

Co-editors Mary Louise Chown
and Allison Cox thank all who
offered their talents and time
for this issue.

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