Editor’s Comments


Editor’s Comments
and Letters to the Editor

Dear Reader,

You will notice that the 2017 Diving in the Moon has a new feature. I have often
in the past wanted to make some comments on the journal as we go about
putting it together, and so here is my first crack at Editor’s Comments.

The 2017 issue has some editorial changes. Gaye Sutton has agreed to come on
board as a co-editor, to work with me when receiving submissions and offering
feedback and editing suggestions. I will be looking forward to her addition to the
2018 editor’s comments section. Allison Cox has stepped back from editing but
remains the one finding and deciding on images and the general look of the
design for each journal.

The journal opens with a story about the stars and ends with a story about
human endurance. In between are articles and stories about strength in all of its
forms: women’s strength, inner strength, strength to heal, strength to begin and
carry out programming grounded in storytelling while attending to the need for
healing on many levels.

Other articles this year fall into the “How To “ category: how to go about
marketing your storytelling, encouraging stories, seeking social justice with the
aid of storytelling.
I am hoping many of us will find the marketing article from
Joe Galata helpful, or will give us a push to always be aware of the business
aspect of our work so that we are not naïve about what we do and its impact.

Reading Mike Selliger’s submission made me realize that we could also do with a
section of Letters to the Editor, with comments or questions, compliments or
gripes. We are looking for comments on the current issue that would appear in
the next issue, also suggestions for content. What would readers like to hear
more of; or perhaps there is a topic related to healing story that we have not
heard about. Mike’s article actively invites you to send letters (email, if possible)
in response to the questions and issues he has raised and we will publish them in
the 2018 journal.

Your first Letters to the Editors can of course
comment on whether or not you like the addition
of this section or would rather do without it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Mary Louise Chown