Diving in the Moon Submissions



The Healing Story Alliance will begin producing our next online version of our journal on the HSA website and so once again we are sending out the call for your submissions. Our online journal is in its fourth year of production and has drawn articles, stories, art, and poetry from all over the world, giving storytellers and other professionals an opportunity to learn about the healing work of storytelling in its varied forms from different cultures. Through the internet, our storytelling community is boundless.

Storytelling is at the Heart of Healing is our theme this year.

Write and tell us about your experience in healing story, whether you work alone or in collaboration or encourage a colleague with whose work you are familiar, write an article for us.  We are looking for articles, written or spoken stories, poetry or art that is related to healing through storytelling. Perhaps you would like to interview a storyteller whose work in healing storytelling inspires you. Remember that our definition of healing can include any or all of the following…physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual and can speak to all aspects of our life on this planet. All copyrights will be listed as remaining with the author/artist.

Submission Guidelines

  • Arial 12 font
  • Single spaced
  • Spell-checked
  • Title & author/s listed at top of first page with 100 word maximum bio at end includes contact info for permissions
  • Word count included
  • In-depth articles/stories up to 8000 words
  • Shorter articles/stories:  500-2000 words
  • MP3 brief stories and songs will also be considered that are no longer than 10 minutes
  • Poetry can be submitted in PDF if format is important
  • Art needs to be in JPG format–no bigger than 600 x 800 or 250KB

Submission deadline: June 15th, 2016

Please send copies of all submissions to both co-editors as an attachment in Word/Microsoft Word with the words E-JOURNAL SUBMISSION in the subject line.

Our editors:

Allison Cox allison@dancingleaves.com
Mary Louise Chown  mlchown@shaw.ca

Address any questions you have to both editors at the above e-mails

This issue will be published on the HSA website by Fall 2016

And please look over our past online journal issues: