Stories on Film and Video

Stories On Film And Video

Jenni Cargill-Strong’s video of Three Short Tales Told At A Rally, each carrying the message of unity and staying the course.

Donna Jacobs-Sife’s video of the story of “Bat” – who is caught between birds who reject Bat as being a mammal, and mammals who reject Bat because of his wings and flight… Useful discussion builder…

Race Bridges – Includes over 160 video interviews with storytellers on their experiences with a range of topics including bullying, racism, confronting or being The Other, etc. Also contains   resources for teachers, study guides, etc. A vital and expanding resource! Produced by Susan O’Halloran at

Healing Voices-Personal Stories – Films created by the victims themselves, as part of the healing process for women experiencing domestic violence.

See also teleconference by Healing Voices director and board member Regina Ress at:

Abbie Palache’s video of “The Black Prince”

Diane Ferlatte’s video of “Penny For Your Thoughts” –

Mary Sue Siegel’s video of “Everything we do matters” –


Singing Grannies at Rally for Standing Rock in NYC


Story Links

The Storytelling Project Curriculum (Barnard/ Columbia University, focus on Civil Rights and Racism)

Americans All of Us – A new website offering stories and videos (as “a storyteller’s toolkit for troubled times”) on 3 topic areas: “Doing what you can”, “The American Mosaic: honoring us and our stories,”and “Building Bridges”.